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YURYUZAN-AYSKAYA PLAIN (Priayskaya Plain), located in‑between Yuryuzan and Ai rivers. In the S it borders on Bashtash and Karatau ridges, in the W — on Ufa Plateau, the northern and eastern borders run along the RB border. Alt. in the W — 200—300 m, in the E — 300—450 m, abs. alt. — 517 m (Golaya Mountain). The relief is wavy, hilly and rolling, ridgy and undulating; there are ravines, cloughs; karst is developed in the west part. The deposits of agronomical ore, sand‑gravel mix, underground water, limestone, oil and natural gas, etc were found. Landscapes are represented by dark‑coniferous, broadleaf and birch forests, sedge swamps, steppe meadows. Wildlife reserves Belokatayskiy and Karlykhanovsky are established. The thickets of steppe cherry near Derevnya Ariyevo of Duvansky Raion, Gladkaya and Tastuba mountains, swamps Karakulevskoe, Chernosharskoe, Complex of karst swamps, Pine Lake are natural monuments.

Publication date: 24.02.2021
Last updated: 24.02.2021