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YALKAYN (Yalkayev), Yanysh Yalkayevich

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YALKAYN (Yalkayev), Yanysh Yalkayevich [25.10.1906, Derevnya Churayevo of Birsky Uyezd of Ufa Gub. (now Mishkinsky Raion of the RB) — 17.9.1938, Moscow], Writer. Graduated from MSU (1934). Worked in Mariysky Obl. Local History Museum (Yoshkar‑Ola) and Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography of the AS USSR (Leningrad). Also, he was the editorial board member of the Soviet Ethnography magazine in Moscow. Author of the narrative poems The Big Bird (1926) and The Son (1935); a collection of poems titled My Country (1934), the autobiographic trilogy consisting of the novels Andriy Tolkyn (1934), City, and Youth (both – in 1936), etc. The novel Circle (1937) depicts the life of the Bashkortostan Mari people of early 20th century, the formation of the national intelligentsia and the rise of a working class. The creative works of Ya. were translated into the Bashkir language by Kh.Gilyazhev. Author of works on Mari folklore and literary criticism. In 1938, he was subjected to political purges and executed by shooting. Rehabilitated in 1957.

Publication date: 24.02.2021
Last updated: 24.02.2021