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YANGUZIN, Rim Zaynigabitovich

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YANGUZIN, Rim Zaynigabitovich (15.11.1941, Selo Ayuchevo of Sterlitamaksky Raion of the BASSR — 11.11.2007, Ufa), Ethnographer. Dr.Sci (History, 1990), Full Professor (1991). Merited Scientist of the RF (2002), Merited Scientist of the RB (1993), Merited Worker of Higher Professional Education of the RF (1997). Graduated from the BSU (1964), worked there since 1968. His scientific activities were dedicated to the problems of ethnogenesis of Bashkirs, to the study of traditional economy, and social structure. Organizer and a leader of a number of ethnographic expeditions; their materials formed the collection of the Ethnographic Museum at BSU.

Publication date: 24.02.2021
Last updated: 24.02.2021