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TAVAKAN, GUSP. Located in Kugar- chinsky Raion, the central farm is in De- revnya Tavakanovo. Founded in 2002 in place of Kyzyl Bayrak Collective Farm. It compris­es: a dairy farm (including a nucleus farm for cattle of Simmental and black and white breeds), fattening unit; houses of: formula forage, seed oil production, milk processing, eggs production; 2 mills, an apiary, a bakery, etc. In 2017, the agricultural land area was 8,308 ha including 6,321 ha of arable lands. Yield (Cwt/ha): grain crops — 31, sunflower (seeds) — 20; produced (t): grain — 3,202, sunflower seeds — 276; stored (t): hay — 9,000, hay lage — 10,000. The livestock of cattle exceeds 1,000 (410 cows), horses — over 100, geese — approx. 6,000; the average annual milk yield per cow — 5,962 kg, the average daily gain of young cattle — 694 g; produced (t): milk — 1,252.2, meat — 38.8; incubated (thous. pieces): eggs — 134, incl. goose — 76, duck — 28, broiler — 20. The products were awarded with Gold and Silver medals at the Golden Autumn, the Russian agricultural in­dustry exhibitions (Moscow, 2007, 2008).

Publication date: 14.12.2020
Last updated: 31.05.2021