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VASILYEV Valerian Mikhailovich

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VASILYEV Valerian Mikhailovich (1.1.1883– 2.5.1961), philologist, folklorist. Doctor of Phi­lology (1957). The founder of Mari linguistics, folklore; one of the first Mari writers. Author of more than 250 research papers. Compiled the collections “Mari folk songs, riddles, and fairy tales” (1908), “Mari songs, riddles, and fairy tales” (1909), “Mari songs” (1919, 1923). At the initiative of V., “Mari calendar”, a journal, was published in 1907–13; it included folk songs of the Mari people in the Ufa province of the Birskiy uyezd (district), etc. Under the name of Marian from Ufa, he published stories for children, poems, fables, etc.

Publication date: 07.04.2021
Last updated: 26.12.2022