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“REVIVAL” a c e n t e r o f P o l i s h c u l t u r e a n d e d u c a t i o n i n B a s h ­ k o r t o s t a n, an NGO established in Ufa in 1997. Events held annually with participation of “R.”: Days of Polish Culture in Bashkorto­ stan, traditional holidays “Dozhinky”, “Za­ pusty”, “Gaik Green”, etc.; a folk band “Little Stars”, Polish youth movement, Polish Sunday School named after A.P. Penkevich (1999). The Polish language has been introduced as a school subject in Lyceum No. 21 (Ufa) since 2000, international “Big Polish Spell Test” has been held since с 2011, etc. The center has partici­pated in the Heart of Eurasiaarts festival (since 2017), etc. A member of the Federal Pol­ish Ethnic Cultural Autonomy “Congress of the Polish in Russia” (Moscow). Cooperates with the city council of Olecko, Warmia Masuria Province, Poland, Polish communities in vari­ous Russian regions.

Publication date: 07.04.2021
Last updated: 24.08.2021