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GALINA Gulnaz Salavatovna

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GALINA Gulnaz Salavatovna (b. 3.2.1961), musicologist, methodology teacher. Candidate of Philology (1998). Her research is devoted to the formation and development of various genres of Bashkir professional and folk music, including the study of beyets and munazhats; the  works  of  composers  Kh.F.  Akhmetov, Z.G. Ismagilov, et al. Author of more than 100 research papers. One of the members of the sci­entific and editorial board of encyclopedias “Salavat Yulayev” (2004), “Military History of the Bashkirs”, etc. The author of the script for the television film “Light in the Darkness”, about A.A. Sultanov (2001).

Publication date: 07.04.2021
Last updated: 24.08.2021