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ILYASOV Spartak Muzhavirovich

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ILYASOV Spartak Muzhavirovich (b. 7.11. 1941), a carrier of folklore, writer, local historian. I. collected and performed the versions of songs Azamatov-Canton, Iremel, Fog, Ural, as well as “Cuckoo”, “Malbay”, “Beyet about the Fugitives”, etc. These records are stored in the folklore office of the USIA. He is author of books “Memory of Baryn­-Tabyntsev” (2008), “Wounds of Yarasaz” (2010), “Kuluy­ Canton” (2012), etc., which are based on folklore and local lore materials.

Publication date: 22.04.2021
Last updated: 23.03.2023