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KARAKHAKAL”, a monument of Bash kir  literature,  epos.  Exists  in  a  poetic­prose form. Registered in 1907 by M.A. Burangulov from Gabit-sesen, the manuscript is in the Science archive of URC RAS. The work reflects the events of the final stage of the 1735–1740 rebellions. The main character of the epos – Karakhakal is smart, eloquent, fearless man of great strength. At the age of 15 he goes to foreign lands, where he spends many years by batyrs’  order.  Having  gained  the  support  of Khorezm, Kalmyk, Kazakh khans the character returns to his Motherland and calls up Bashkir tribes to struggle. The idea of the epos is the necessity to be united and fight together against colonization. Burangulov wrote a self­titeld drama based on “K.” plot.

G.B. Khusainov

Publication date: 23.04.2021
Last updated: 30.08.2021