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KHUDAYBERDINA, Tamara Shagitovna

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KHUDAYBERDINA, Tamara Shagitovna (10.8.1923, Ufa — 27.4.1998, Ibid.),Ballet Dancer. Merited actress of the RSFSR (1955) and BASSR (1953). A daughterof Sh.A.Khudayberdin. After graduatingfrom the Leningrad Choreography School(1941) and until 1964 was a Soloist at Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre, simultaneously, between 1960—71 Teacher at theUfa Art School. From 1968, taught atUSIA. One of the first professional Bashkirballerinas. She demonstrated high technique of performance and musicality.A great degree of positive temperament, acting talent, and graceful plastique were seenin the originality of her characters. She performed widely on stage dancing both Bashkir and international dances.

Publication date: 14.05.2021
Last updated: 14.05.2021