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KHUSNUTDINOVA, Elza Kamilevna (b.24.5.1954 in Ufa), Geneticist. Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Education (2016), Acad. of the AS RB (2012), Dr.Nat.Sci. (Biological Sciences) (1997), Full Professor (1998). Merited Master of Sciences of the RF (2004), RB (1999). Laureate of the RB State Award in Science and Technology (2015). After graduating fromthe BSU (1976) worked at the Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics (since 2017 as Executive Director). She researched problems of the medical, population and molecular human genetics. Kh. has researched thestructure of gene pool and the genetic history of nations of the Volga‑Ural region, Middle Asia and the Caucasus region basedon the data of DNA polymorphism; the genetic geography and molecular geneticstructure of the hereditary pathologies inthe RB have also been studied. The analysisof 15 hereditary, 17 hereditary predisposeddiseases have been studied; the algorithms of prenatal and early DNA diagnostics ofthe hereditary diseases have been researchedand implemented.

Publication date: 14.05.2021
Last updated: 27.06.2022