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KRUGLYASHOVA Vera Petrovna (24.8. 1923–26.10.2001), folklorist, philologist. Doctor of Philology (1977), Professor (1978). Her research is devoted to the non-fairytale folk prose of the mining districts of the Urals and the problems of field folklore. Author of more than 50 research papers. The materials collected by K. were included in the collections “Ural Folklore” (1949), “Legends of the Chusovaya River” (1961), etc. The book “Genres of non­ fairytale prose of the Ural mining folklore” (1974) covers the genre originality of legends and fables, including the ones about Salavat Yulayev. K. edited 10 issues of the collection of scientific articles “Folklore of the Urals”. Member of the Folklore Council under the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1981).

Publication date: 10.06.2021
Last updated: 30.08.2021