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“LYUBIZAR”, a Bashkir ethnik song, kyska-kyuy. The song’s lyrics were first recorded by F.K.Tuykin in the 1910s. The L. appearance is connected with the events of the Patriotic War of 1812 and Foreign Campaigns of the Russian army of 1813–14. According to the legend, after one of the great battles M.I.Kutuzov called to himself the commander of the Bashk. regiment, Kakhym Murzashev (ref. Kakhym-Turya), praised him for bravery in the battle and said: “My dear Bashkirs, good fellows!”. Bash. warriors picked up these words and, having arranged them in their own way, composed a dancing and marching song. The tune, based on the sounds of pentatonic major inclination, has a structure of a pair of periodicals (singing and chorus) and a small range (pure duodecimo tone). The L. arrangement was carried out by G.P. Markorov for the pop orchestra, R.A. Murtazin for the choir and piano, A.I. Kubagushev for the ensemble of kuraists, and G.Z. Suleymanov for the kuray. The melody of the song was used in the Kakhym­turya opera by Z.G. Ismagilov, and the Lyubezniki, Lyubizar dance staged by Kh.A. Ishberdin.

G.A. Ishkinina

Publication date: 11.06.2021
Last updated: 30.08.2021