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PROVERB is a folklore genre, grammatically and lexically complete, rhythmically organized set expression used in everyday communication with the aim to teach people by means of transferring a generalized idea proved by life experience in short form. It is emotionally expressive and can be used multiple times based on the analogy principle. P. helps to express one’s thoughts clearer and give the arguments in a conversation; it also makes one’s speech more beautiful. P. of RB people can be divided into P. about work: “A tree is good for its fruits, a person – for his deeds” (Bashk.); “If you want to eat, it is better not to sit” (Rus.); “Hands do not dry off from working” (Udm.) etc.; P. about social life: “If there are people, there is also a batyr” (Bashk.); “If people spit together – there will be a lake” (Chuv.) etc.; P. about household, family and customs: “No daughter – no truth” (Ukr.); “One is beautiful till the evening, but kind forever” etc.; P. about a person, his essence, advantages and disadvantages, morality, language and words, activities: “ If you forget your native language, you forget your mother” (Udm.); “A thief has one sin, a victim has a hundred sins” (Chuv.), etc.; P. of practical philosophy: “Time is not money, once you lose it you never get it back” (Bashk.); “Time proves everything, it is the head of life” (Mar.) etc. It exists in folklore of many peoples.

F.A. Nadrshina

Publication date: 21.06.2021
Last updated: 30.08.2021