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PYARIY is an evil demon – a master of wind in Bashkir mythology. Its origin is connected with Iranian spirits – pari. It appears in bylichkas. These spirits are non-personified deities that can appear to people as humans or animals (bears, ducks, cats etc.). It is possible to recognize a P. in human shape by covering one’s eyes with a magical substance. According to the belief, P. live in the crevices of rocks or on the tops of mountains where they keep the winds tied. They live like people. If P. have a wedding celebration or they are moving from one place to another, people can notice their voices, creaking of their cartwheels, neighing horses through the storm or whirlwind, etc. If a person faces P., he can fall ill or die. P. can replace a baby that does not have a name yet with their own baby (usually it is said about physically or mentally disabled babies). People put prayers from the Koran and amulets to the baby’s cradle to avoid it. There are also Muslim P. that help people. “Descendants from demons” legend tells about a man that married a P. and became a common ancestor for different clans. Bisura, diyu, shurale have features common to P. The character is common for mythology of many peoples.

Publication date: 22.06.2021
Last updated: 30.08.2021