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“RED HORSE WITH A STAR ON HIS FOREHEAD”, Bashkir ethnic song, uzun-kuy. It was first registered by S. Gabyashi and published in “Bashkir ethnic songs” collection (1935). The song is lyroepic. Its origin is associated with the Patriotic was of 1812. The lyrics have the form of dialogue between young men going to the war and young women seeing them off; the chorus has an appeal to horses, loyal warriors’ companions. The song has 2 parts. The tempo of the verse contrasts with the tempo of chorus: the verse is calm and has a descending melodic structure while the chorus is vivacious, it is close to khalmak-kuy style. However, the slower cadences make the chant stringy again. The musical adaptations for a cappella choir were made by S.Z. Kulborisov, S.A. Nizametdinov, V.G. Sokolov. The song is used in the “Kakhymturya” opera by Z.G. Ismagilov.

G.S. Galina

Publication date: 22.06.2021
Last updated: 31.08.2021