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TAZ-BATYR is a folklore character from Bashkir fairytales. People use the name to tease their   younger   brothers   meaning   “a   fool”, “a  simpleton”.  Humorous  fairytales,  such  as “Bald”, “Bald goes shopping”, etc. the character is showed as a kind loser with good motives. His acts do not make sense: he dresses a stump thinking that it is a freezing old woman; he puts salt into the river to water his horse, etc. T.-b. in magical fairytales, such as “Taz-batyr”, “Taz and Khalmaur”, “Smart cat and Bald man”, etc. T.-b. finds support from good magic powers and achieves his great goals: finds living water, becomes the tsar's son-in-law, marries the foreign beautiful tsar's daughter, etc. The character is popular in folklore of Turkic-speaking peoples.

Publication date: 12.07.2021
Last updated: 01.09.2021