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Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan State autonomous institution of science of the Republic of Bashkortostan Bashkir encyclopedia


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FOLKLORE CABINET OF USIA. Was founded in 1969 in Institute of arts on the basis of archive materials of the Union of RB composers. The first head is musicologist and -folklorist H. S. Ikhtisamov. In 1970 he organized the first expedition to collect folklore materials for the archives of Abzelilovskiy, Baymakskiy, Baloretskiy, Burzyanskiy, Zilairskiy, Zianchurinskiy and Uchalinskiy districts of the republic. To add archive collections in the 1970’s joint expeditions with G. Bereczki and L. Vikar were organized. They visited Tatyshlinskiy and Yanaulskiy districts in 1974, Meleuzovskiy, Sterlibashevskiy, Fyedorovskiy in 1977, Baymakskiy and Burzyanskiy districts of Bashkortostan in 1979. In the following years the expeditions covered all the districts of the republic as well as Kurganskaya, Orenburgskaya, Samarskaya and Chelyabinskaya regions. Professors and students of the institute actively participated the collection of materials: F.K. Kamayev, musicologist-folklorist, was the head of the expeditions in 1970–89, F.A. Faizova, honored RB culture worker – in 1979-86, A.M. Kubagushev, honored RF and RB art worker in 1986–2016, F.V. Sharipov since 2003. He has been digitalizing the archive materials since 2005.

F.c. of USIA has more than 10 thousand audio records, the majority of which is Bashkir ethnic songs and naigryshes performed by ethnic singers and musicians with kuray, kubyz, kyl-kubyz, dumbyra, sgueezebox, mandolin, violin; samples of uzlyau, senlyau; ceremonial folklore. It also has the samples of Mordovian, Russian, Tatar, kryashen, tiptyar folklore registered in Arkhangelskiy, Bakalinskiy, Beloretskiy, Fyedorovskiy and Chekmagushevskiy districts. The rare materials are represented by G.Z. Suleymanov’s quaray songs (Baik, “The Crane song, Makhmut on footsong melodies) dating back to 1934 and records of 8 songs dating back to 1938-39 (Gilmiyaza, Zyulkhizya, Muglifa, Salimakay,Ural, etc.) performed by Z.G. Ismagilov and Suleymanov. The famous informators are K.F. Akhmetov, R.G. Bulyakanov, I.I. Dilmukhametov, K.M. Diyarov, I.A. Sultanbayev, A.A. Sultanov, M.U. Tulebayev, R.F. Yanbekov. Many records of the songs and naigryshes have notes and are compiled into the “Quaray” collection by Suleymanov (1985), “Songs of my people” by F.A. Kildyarova (1995), Sal Uraldyn mondary, 400 Bashkir ethnic songs, “Songs of people from the Northern Amur river” by Kubagushev (2015), “Chrestomathy for the mixed ensembles of Bashkir ethnic instruments” by Sharipov (2018), etc. A handwritten collection of G.K. Yenikeyev called “Ancient Bashkir and Tatar songs”, which is kept in F.c. of USIA is a basis of the “Heritage of Gaysa Yenikeyev” book (written and compiled by Kubagushev, 2015). Heads of the cabinet: Ikhtisamov (since 1969), Kubagushev (since 1987), Sharipov (since 2016).

F.I. Sharipov

Publication date: 16.07.2021
Last updated: 07.11.2022