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CHUVASH HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL CENTER o f t h e R B, a public organization, branch of the House of Peoples’ Friendship. Established in 2006, in the village Suuk-Chishma of Karmaskalinsky district of the RB in order to revive and preserve the language and literature, traditional forms of life, crafts, customs, and folklore of the Chuvash people. Participated in the 2nd (2009) and 3rd (2015) congresses of the Assembly of peoples of the RB, Interregional research-to-practice conference “Ethnic policy and traditional folk culture” (2009). The center celebrates “Savarni” (see Maslenitsa), “Nartukan” (see Nardugan), Sukhuri, “Mankun” (see Great day), “Pitravka” (see Round dance), etc. The center is the home of the ensemble Shevle, Chuvash puppet theatre “Teley”, beading club “Iskusnitsa”, etc.

S.S. Matveeva

Publication date: 21.07.2021
Last updated: 18.08.2021