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AQUATIC ANIMALS, the animals, who live their whole life or part of it (at the stage of larva) in water. Some of them are attached to the substrate (spounges, some Gastropoda and bivalve mollusc species), others are mobile, live in water depths (fishes, amphibians larvae and dragonflies) or at the bottom of water reservoirs (many molluscs, multibristled worms). A.a. (fish, molluscs, crustaceans, etc) is one of the main sources of protein in the human diet. Infusoria, cnidaria, sponges, flat worms, round worms, bryozoa, mollusks, arthropods, chordates and others populate water reservoirs of the Republic. Some species of fish (European pomper, sterlet, common taymene, brook trout, European grayling, etc), amphibians (pond frog, grass frog, comb newt) and reptiles (swamp turtle) are included in The Red List of the RB

Aquatic animals:

1 — great silver water beetle (Hydrous piceus); 2 — backswimmer (Notonecta glauca); 3 — horse leech (Haemopis sanguisuga); 4 — rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus); 5 — ordinary minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus)

Publication date: 08.08.2019
Last updated: 08.08.2019
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