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ENDEMICS, the species, phylia and other animal and plant taxons that inhabit specific, relatively limited territory. More than 110 species of endemic higher vascular plants grow in the RB, out of which 19 are apomictic difficult to be distinguished “microspecies” of the lady’s mantle phylum. In the RB, there are E.s. belonging to the following locations: the Trans-Volga Urals (Astragalus helmii, Hedysarum rasoumovianum, etc), the Trans-Volga Urals and Western Siberia (Serratula gmelinii), the Urals and Kazakhstans (Potentilla eversmanniana, Glycyrrhiza korshinskyi), the Urals (Anemonastrum biarmiense, Gypsophila uralensis, etc), the Southern Urals (Astragalus karelinianus, Astragalus oropolitanus, etc). According to P.L.Gorchakovsky’s classification, there are several types of E.s. in terms of their habitats and origin. These are mountain and petrophytosteppe E.s. (about 55 species common in the northern part of the Southern Urals: needle-leaved carnation, Ural lint, etc), highland E.s. (16 species in the most elevated part of the Southern Urals: Ural bluejoint, Ural willow, etc), meadow E.s. (Nenets gagea, Ilmen globeflower, 19 species of Alchemílla phyllum, etc), and halophytic E.s. (i.e Krasheninnikov’s ribwort, Korzhinsky’s licorice, etc). The Red List of the RB contains 32 E.s., 8 of them are also included in the Red List of the RF. Carabus karpinskii can be found in the fauna of the RB. Callophrys butlerovi (a species of butterflies) inhabits the Bashkir piedmont of the Urals (Kungak).

Endemics: 1 – Astragalus karelinianus; 2 – Astragalus clerceanus; 3 – Ural carnation (Dianthus uralensis); 4 – Gypsophila uralensis; 5 – Hedysarum argyrohyllum; 6 – Krasheninnikov’s Minuartia (Minuartia krascheninnikovii); 7 – hippolytus octolith (Oxytropis hippolyti); 8 – Oxytropis apporoximata; 9 – Butlerov’s pigeon (Callohprys butlerovi), male; 9a – the same, lower side of the body; 10 – Karpinski ground beetle (Carabus karpinskii)

Publication date: 08.08.2019
Last updated: 08.08.2019