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ABZAKOVO, OOO. Located on the spur of the Kryktytau ridge on the territory of Beloretsky Raion, 2.5 km to the SW from the Novoabzakovo Railway  Station  and 30 km S of the Beloretsk. Opened in 1975 as a vacation resort for the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant.  Since  1996,  it  was a recreational and sports centre A. for OAO Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant, and it has had its present status since 2003. The center includes a ski center, a resort and the Aquarium Aquapark. It is part of the tourist and recreation center of the “Mountain Resorts of Bashkiria, Legend of the Urals” group. The ski center has 13 ski slopes (with the total length of about 16 km) with a height of over 300 m (four slopes for slalom including giant slalom certified by the International Ski Federation), there is one cable-chair and five drag ropes, a children’s elevator (with the total capacity of 5,000 people per hour), a shop and rental of sports inventory, a hotel, etc. On the territory of the resort, there are a biathlon center, a zoo, an entertainment center, a tennis court, a restaurant, saunas, etc. All-Russia biathlon and alpine skiing competitions are held regularly at this resort. In the summer, boat trips along the Belaya River, as well as caving and horseback riding tours around nature reserves and nature monuments are organized.

Publication date: 26.02.2020
Last updated: 05.03.2021