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BASHKIR CENTRAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (BashTsIK), the supreme legislative, administrative and controlling state authority of the BASSR. Functioned in the periods between the congresses of Soviets of the BASSR. Formed on July 28th 1920 in Sterlitamak at the 1st Congress of Soviets of the ASBR; took the non­judicial powers of Bashrevkom. Since 1922, was located in Ufa. Controlled the activity of the bodies of the Soviet power of the BASSR. Consisted of 36, since 1931 – 164, since 1935 – 230 members. Sessions of the BashTsIK were convened at least 3 times in the period between the regular congresses of the Soviets of the BASSR. In the periods between sessions, the members of the Central Executive Committee of the BASSR delegated powers to the members of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the BASSR headed by the Chairman. Between 1922–23 and 1930–31, BashTsIK implemented reforms of the administrative and territorial struc­tures. Between 1924–25 and 1936–37, developed drafts of the Constitution of the BASSR. Liquidated on July 25th 1938, its functions transferred to the Supreme Council of the BASSR. Chairmen of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the BASSR: G.K.Shamigulov (July–October 1920), F.S.Mansyrev (since 1920), M.L.Murtazin (1921–22), Sh.A.Khudaiberdin (February–July 1922), Kh.K.Ku­shayev (since 1922), T.Sh.Shafikov (since 1929), A.M.Tagirov (since 1931), R.K.Ib­ragimov (since 1937).

Publication date: 13.03.2020
Last updated: 11.03.2021