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BIRSKY RAION, located in the central part of the RB. Established on August 20, 1930. Between 1963—65, B.r. included the territory of Mishkinsky Raion. Territory — 1,717 km2. Adm. centre — Birsk, which is located 98 km NW of Ufa and 50 km NW of Blagoveshchensk Railway Station. Po­ pulation — 16.3 thous. people (2017).

In 2018, the area of agricultural lands amounted to 110.2 thous. ha (64.2% of the total area), including arable lands — 53.8, hayfields — 20.5 and pastures — 34.5. Agricultural enterprises [1 MUP, 12 OOOs, 68 peasant (farmer) farms] specialize in the cultivation of grain crops, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and berries, meat and dairy  cattle  breeding  and  pig  breeding. Bee­keeping and fish farming are well­ developed. On the territory of the Raion, there are: Birsky Plants Testing Site, the BashNIISKh scientific division. Also, there is the Birsk branch of GUSP MTS Tsyentralnaya. Highways Ufa—Birsk— Yanaul, Birsk—Tastuba—Satka (Chelya­ binsk Obl.), Birsk—Dyurtyuli and Birsk— Kushnarenkovo cross the territory. The Belaya River is used as a logistics route.

There are: 16 general education schools with 18 pre­school educational groups, a rural hospital, 3 medical  outpatient  clinics, 25 medical and obstetrical centers, a branch of Tolpar Children’s Health Resort, 24 clubs and 23 libraries.


Publication date: 20.03.2020
Last updated: 04.08.2021