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BLAGOVESHCHENSK VALVE PLANT, OAO. It is one of the key manufacturers of teel pipe fittings in the RB and RF. It produces valves (check rotary and spring safety valves, wedge valves, switching devices) using stainless steel, carbon and low alloy steels. Founded in 1756 as Blagoveshchensk Copper-­Smelting Plant. Since 1919 State Plant No.2, since 1925 Agricultural Machi­nery Plant, since 1930 Bath and Laundry Equipment Plant named after P.V.Tochissky. Since 1941, the Machine-­Building Plant (because of the evacuation of the equipment of the Tuapse Mechanical Plant, the produc­tion of oilfield equipment, ammunition and weapons was mastered). Since 1942 Union Plant  No.428 (the  production of piping fittings made of cast iron and bronze was launched), since 1948 the Machine-­Building Plant (electric furnace steel­making was mastered, in 1951 – the production of stainless steel valves). Since 1964, has its current name. The company mastered the production of low­alloy steel products able to withstand the ambient temperature up to -60° C.

Publication date: 20.03.2020
Last updated: 16.03.2021