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BLUMENTHAL, Yuliy Yuliyevich

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BLUMENTHAL, Yuliy Yuliyevich (11.8. 1870, Kazan — 1944, Derevnya Kishelga of the Kazakh SSR), Artist, Public Figure. Between 1905—19 and 1922—35, he lived and worked in Ufa: since 1926 – Dir. of the M.V.Nesterov Art Museum and a part­ time teacher at the Bashk. Technical School of Arts. Between 1905—06 — Chairman of the Belebey Zemstvo Administration and an Honorary Peace Commissioner. In 1918— Chairman of the Ufa Gub. Committee of the Party of National Freedom. He made a significant contribution to the formation of the professional Fine Arts in Bashkortostan. He is the master of lyrical landscape genre. In 1928, in the ethnographic showroom dedicated to the south­east Bashkortostan (together with K.S.Devletkildeyev) he created works describing life and living conditions of the Bashkirs: Bashkir-Horse- man, Old Bashkir, Bashkir Porch, Going After Kumys, and Samsinur. He is the author of a number of picturesque portraits (Contemplation, Portrait of Mother, Portrait of K.S.Devletkildeyev), graphical works (Trolberg, Portrait of Cherdantsev, View of Bashkir Nomad Camp). Deputy of the 3rd State Duma (1907—12) representing Ufa Guberniya.

Publication date: 24.03.2020
Last updated: 16.03.2021