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VALEYEV, Masalim Musharapovich

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VALEYEV, Masalim Musharapovich (26.3.1888, Orenburg — 2.1.1956, Ufa), Composer, Public Figure (music). Merited Artist of the BASSR (1940). Awarded with the Order of the Badge of Honour (1955). Since 1917 in Orenburg: a Teacher at the Oriental Music School, between 1919— 20 — a Capellmeister of the orchestra of the political department of the Turkestan front. Between 1921—22, he worked as a Violinist and a Leader of the orchestra of the Bashk. Drama Theater (Sterlitamak), between 1923—30 — at the Music Department of the Orenburg Radio. Since 1932 — Music Administrator of the Bashk. Drama Theater (Ufa). The First Chairman of the Bashk. branch of the Board of Composers of USSR (1940—48). One of the founders of Bashk. professional music. The author of the first Bashk. opera Hakmar (1939), as well as opera Shaura (1946), musical comedy Mashdibad, works for symphony orchestra (Bashkir Overture, Legend, suite Salavat, etc), chamber instrumental works, music for the performances of the Bashkir Drama Theatre, etc. The composer’s individuality exposed itself particularly brightly in vocal music, the peculiarity of which consists in the organic fusion of the elements of the Bashkir, Tatar, Ukranian and Russian melos.

Publication date: 25.03.2020
Last updated: 16.03.2021