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VALITOV, Rail Bakirovich

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VALITOV, Rail Bakirovich (b.18.1.1940 in Bukhara), Chemical Technologist. Associate Member of the AS RB (1992), D.Sci. (Engineering Sciences) (1973), Full Professor (1975). Merited Master of Sciences of the BASSR (1984), Merited Inventor of the BASSR (1981). Awarded with the Order of the Badge of Honour (1982). After graduating from the UPI (1963) he worked at Sterlitamak enterprises. Since 1973 at UPI; since 1981 in the Research and Technology Institute of Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators: Deputy Dir. for Scientific Research, between 1992–2005 Director. He developed technologies for the production of herbicides, fungicides, anthelmintic preparations (acetamizole, beefen, etc), film­forming compositions for inlaying seeds of grain crops (actamyr, carbotyram), the creation of flow­type reactors accelerating chemical processes by 5 to 10 times under the influence of ultrasound.

Publication date: 25.03.2020
Last updated: 25.03.2020