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VASILYEV, Leonid Mikhailovich

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VASILYEV, Leonid Mikhailovich (14.6. 1926, Derevnya Krasino of Pskov Gub. — 2.9.2015, Ufa), Linguist. Merited Acad. of the AS RB (2002), Dr. of Letters (1972), Full Professor (1974). Merited Master of Sciences of the BASSR (1977). Graduated from the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute named after A.I.Herzen (1952). Since 1958, he worked at the BSU. His scientific research was devoted to the problems of general linguistics, linguistic philosophy and semantics, methodological issues of systematicity, the structure and signs of the language in application to its different levels. V. developed the typology of semantic categories based on the material of the modern Russian language.

Publication date: 27.03.2020
Last updated: 19.12.2022