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VAKHITOV, Vener Absatarovich

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VAKHITOV, Vener Absatarovich (b.11.11.1945 in Derevnya Sultanmuratovo of Aurgazinsky Raion of the BASSR), Biochemist and Molecular Biologist. Acad. of the AS RB (1991), Dr.Nat.Sci. (Medicine) (1990) and Full Professor (1993). Merited Master of Sciences of the RF (2000), RB (1995). Awarded with the 2nd Class Medal for Merits to the Fatherland (2012). Graduated from the BAI (1969). Since 1981, he worked in the Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics (IBG; between 1990–2017 as Dir). Between 1995–2005, he was a Vice­President of the AS RB. His scientific works are dedicated to study of gene structure, ribosomal RNA, repeated nucleotide sequences of DNA, influence of cytoskeleton reorganization and changes of proteokinase activity on cold shock protein gene expression, study of proteins, problems of pharmacogenomics. V. developed genetically engineered structures of biologically active hyperproducing substances, a prototype of DNA vaccine against the virus of hemorrhagic fever with the kidney syndrome, etc.

Publication date: 27.03.2020
Last updated: 27.06.2022