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VAKHITOV, Shakir Kazykhanovich

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VAKHITOV, Shakir Kazykhanovich (23.2.1925, Derevnya Staro­Karatavly of Myesyagutovsky Canton of the BASSR, now Selo Maloyaz of Salavatsky Raion of the RB, – 31.7.2004, Ufa), Lawyer. Candidate of Juridical Sciences (1970), Full Professor (1987). Merited Lawyer of the RSFSR (1982). Awarded with the 2nd Class Order of Patriotic War (1985) and Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1967). Participant in the Great Patriotic War. Graduated from the All­Union Law Correspondence Institute (Kuibyshev, 1953). Since 1948, Prosecutor of Salavatsky Raion; since 1952, Deputy Prosecutor of Ufa Obl.; since 1953,  Head of Investigation Department of the Prosecutor’s Office of the BASSR. Since 1961 Deputy Head, between 1962–88 Head of the Supreme Court of the BASSR, simultaneously, since 1964 Lecturer at the BSU. Deputy of the 6–11th Sessions of the Supreme Council of the BASSR.

Publication date: 27.03.2020
Last updated: 27.03.2020