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VISBREAKING, a type of thermal cracking of straight­run vacuum oil residues to reduce their viscosity. For the first time in the country, in the late 50s, BashNIINP and UPI launched the scientific research for reconstruction of industrial thermal cracking units for the V. process. The V. process was initially tested at the Thermal Cracking Plant of Combine No.18 (ref. Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat) in the 60s; the cocking reduction additives for the furnace tubes were invented to increase the overhaul plant operations. A process flowsheet with a vacuum column for the distillation of residues developed by R.N.Gimaev and G.G.Telyashev was launched for the first time in the country at the Novo­Ufimsky Refinery in 1985. USPTU developed the technology of propane deasphalting of tar residue V., which in the mid 90s was implemented at the Novo­Ufimsky Refinery and at the Ufaneftekhim Plant. Thermohydro­V. technology was created and the tests were performed on pilot plants at the RB Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry. V. technologies, developed by the scientists of the RB, have also been introduced at oil refineries in Angarsk, Volgograd and Yaroslavl.


Publication date: 27.03.2020
Last updated: 27.03.2020