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AIR TRANSPORT, the type of transport that performs the carriage of passengers, mail and cargo by air. It consists of the network of air enterprises (with a fleet of aircrafts), airports, as well as institutions, organizations and enterprises, engaged in training and retraining of personnel, technical maintenance and repair of aircraft equipment. The services of A.t. are provided by civil aviation enterprises. In the RB, there is Ufa Airfield that meets the requirements for airfields of the 2nd class: it has soil and concrete strips with runway overrun; ground lighting and radio engineering facilities, complexes of service buildings; it provides regular accommodation and release of planes An-­10, An­-12, An­-24, An­-74, Il-18, Tu-­124, Tu­-134, Tu­-154, Boeing­-747, etc. Regular domestic and international flights are performed from the Ufa International Airport.

Publication date: 18.05.2020
Last updated: 18.05.2020