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FIBRE-OPTIC COMMUNICATION LINE (FOCL), an optical communication line where information signals are transferred through quartz light guides (optical fibres). The first digital multi­ channel of the Republic, FOCL (with a potential capacity of 2400 channels) Ufa–Sterlitamak was commissioned in 1989 (opt. fibres from Soliton Research Institute). Since the mid­1990s, low­channel multiplexors for FOCL have been developed and manufactured by Intek Research and Production Company (Ufa). A 120-­channel process control optical communication line (hardware provided by Soliton Research Institute) was put into operation at Ufa–Chernikovka–Vostochnaya section of the Bashkir Branch of Kuibyshev Railways. In the late 1990s, FOCL lines were installed by Bashkirenergo (1250 km), Bashneft (460 km), Bashinformsvyaz (2510 km; circular structure) and others. In 2005 they completed the construction of the South­West and South­ East communication circles, and by 2007 optical communication lines connected Ufa with all cities and district centres of the RB. The telephone network is connected to the world communication network through the international and trunk FOCL lines passing across the RB territory.

Publication date: 18.05.2020
Last updated: 18.05.2020