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The regional interactive encyclopedic portal «Bashkortostan»
Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan State autonomous institution of science of the Republic of Bashkortostan Bashkir encyclopedia

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YARYMTYK (from Bashkir yarym – “a half”) is a demon in Bashkir mythology. Bylichkis about Y. mainly exist in the Northern and North-Western Bashkir art. According to some beliefs, it appears to people and has one eye and one leg. According to legends and beliefs, Y. likes to ride a horse. People should...

DAVLETSHIN Farrakh Davletshinovich

DAVLETSHIN Farrakh Davletshinovich [31.1. (according to other data, 12.2.) 1887, Derevnya Urtayevo of Birsky Uyezd of Ufa Gub., now Derevnya Starourtayevo of Dyurtyulinsky Raion of the RB, – 12.1.1956, Derevnya Novobaishevo of Birsky Raion of the BASSR]. People’s sesen of the BASSR (1944). Awarded with...

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The territory of the Bashkortostan republic is the place where besides the native people - Bashkirs, more than 100 peoples of different nationalities live. They settled here in different times, but managed to preserve the folklore of their ancestors and add new local features to it. The most significant...

• Introduction

Folklore is a part of the spiritual heritage of humanity and a powerful means of cultural independency and integrity of different peoples. It is also a base to create and develop independent art, professional art and literature, formulate ethnic self-awareness. According to the definition of governmental...

• Learning Bashkortostan folklore history

Folklore studies include three approaches: 1) to collect and systematize the works of ethnic art, 2) to process it scientifically and give back to its creator by publishing it, 3)scientific research on oral, song, musical (instrumental), choreographic, drama and other kinds of collective art works. The...

To the reader

The illustrated “Republic of Bashkortostan” encyclopedia in both Russian and English is a universal regional encyclopedia which presents a body of knowledge about Bashkortostan, its history, as well as its place and role in Russia and the world. The main attention in the publication is paid to the modern...


УЗЯНБАШ (Үҙәнбаш), село в Белорецком районе, относится к Шигаевскому сельсовету. Расположено на р. Узян (Северный Узян), в 50 км к юго-западу от райцентра и в 45 км к юго-западу от ж.‑д. ст. Белорецк. Основано в 1916 башкирами д. Казмашево Тамьян-Тангаурской волости Верхнеуральского уезда (ныне Абзелиловского...


КОЖЗАВОДА деревня (Күнзавод ауылы), относится к Темясовскому с/с Баймакского района. Расположена на р. Сакмара, в 57 км к северо-западу от райцентра и в 115 км к северо-западу от ж.‑д. станции Сибай. Основана в середине 19 в. на территории Орского уезда. В 1866 в д. Аминево Бурзянской волости зафиксирован...