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CATTLE BREEDING, a branch of livestock breeding. In the Republic, the total headcount of cattle in businesses of all categories amounted to 1,110.8, incl. cows — 465.5 thous.: agricultural entities – 405.9 and 153.8, homesteads – 594 and 261.8, peasant (farmer) farms — 110.9 and 49.9, correspondingly (2016). The average annual cow milk yield was equal to 5,098 kg (2017). 1,718 t of milk was produced, incl. approx. 30% – by agricultural businesses, over 60% – by homesteads, approx. 10% – by peasant (farmer) farms (2017). High milk yield is achieved in businesses of Aurgazinsky, Dyurtyulinsky, Tatyshlinsky, Ufimsky and other raions (average annual cow milk yield is 4,400–4,900 kg). Approx. 70 cattle breeding businesses function in the RB, incl. 65 dairy production entities. The largest are: OOO SP Urozhay, APC Bazy, Agroindustrial Enterprise named after Kalinin, Neral Matrix Agricultural Company, Alekseyevsky Sovkhoz, Hero SPK Collective Farm, Alga Collective Farm (Chekmagushevsky Raion), etc. Advanced husbandry and milk production technologies have been introduced in the Republic [Artemida Breeding Farm, OOO Agrogals (Aurgazinsky Raion), Agrofirm Bayramgul, etc].

Publication date: 06.11.2020
Last updated: 06.11.2020