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FOLKLORE SONGS OF BELARUSIANS from Bashkortostan are based on E.s. of people from Eastern and Middle parts of Belarus, who immigrated to the territory of the republic. E.s. of Mogilyevskaya, Vitebskaya, Munskaya regions are the most common for Ural region. Balerusian E.s., however, became a part of Ukrainian, Russian, Turkic, Finno­ Ugric and other folklores. There are many Belarusian E.s. common to Ukrainian folklore (“Nesyet Galya vodu”, “V ogorode verba rosla”, “Oy ty, khmel, khmel”, “Vozle gryebnya shumyat ivy”, “I shumit, i gudit, i melkiy dozhd idyet” etc.) and to Russian folklore (“Vozle milogo krylyechka zhelta roza rastsvela” etc.)

E.s. of Belarusian folklore have a rich genre and thematic diversity. There are also songs with tragic, dramatic themes (“Moya krasnaya kalinka”, “Pod beloyu berezoyu”, “V pole”). Chastushkis reflect a witty sense of humor, they are mostly performed in the Russian language and have a variety of melodies. There are also Kupala songs, the main theme of which is banishing of dark powers personified by a witch, praising the cleansing power of water. Ignatyev was collecting Belarus folklore in Orenburgskaya region in the 19th c. Rybakov’s scientific works also contain some materials about ethnic art. Belarusian musical folklore in the republic is being studied by Galieva. Belarusian E.s. are the basis of the Syabryensemble repertoire.

F.G. Galieva

Publication date: 06.04.2021
Last updated: 06.04.2021