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FOLKLORE TEXTOLOGY is a branch of philology, which studies folklore to restore history, critically check and approve initial texts to study them further, interpret and publish.

F.t. is considered as: 1) a set of techniques and rules to register verbal and non-verbal folklore, to make archives of collected materials, transcription of audio and video recordings, to publish reliable documentaries (including academical and other scientific editions with commentaries and appendixes). The main goal of practical F.t. is to publish authentic materials. It can be achieved by a complex folklore verification revealing hidden reprints of texts and rejecting any remakes as well as alterations of field notes by checking and other means of textological expertise; 2) is a theory of folklore text, which explains practical F.t., studies multielemental (verbal, musical, etc.) expression of folklore in synchronic, diachronic correspondence to tradition. This data provides an opportunity to distinguish and evolutionarily assess the versions, redactions, variants of folklore works, etc. F.t. studies aspects of folklore memory, preservation of knowledge and poetical “matter” (texture) of certain works in time. The materials for the study are the records made in different times but from the same performers, texts of “teachers” and “students”, heritage of the storytelling dynasties. F.t. help to create ethnic and inter-ethnic systems of folklore genres and works, to elaborate the principles of machinery thesauruses and search systems. F.t. was actively developed in Bashkortostan in the 1920–30’s during the period of publication formation. The work to collect and publish the folklore texts was done mostly by the Society of studying Bashkiria. In the 1960’s textological works were continued by Bashkir state university, Institute of history, language and literature, which resulted in Bashkort khalyk izhady, Bashkir ethnic artand other collections.

G.R. Khusainova

Publication date: 13.07.2021
Last updated: 13.07.2021