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ABDRAZAKOV, Amir Gabdulmanovich

ABDRAZAKOV, Amir Gabdulmanovich (15.1.1934, Selo Kaipkulovo of the MiddleVolga Obl. – 6.3.2008, Ufa), Actor, Film Director, Screenwriter. Merited Cultural Worker of the BASSR (1974). Laureate of the RB State Award named after Salavat Yulayev (2006). After graduating from GITIS (1959), he worked as an...

ABDRAKHMANOV, Ildus Bariyevich

ABDRAKHMANOV, Ildus Bariyevich (b.2.1.1942, Derevnya Kutuyevo of Uchalinsky Raion of the BASSR), Organic Chemist. Acad. of the AS RB (2002), D.Sci. of Chemistry (1990), Full Professor (1992). Merited Master of Sciences of the BASSR (1990). Awarded with the Order of Salavat Yulayev (2016). After graduating...


“ABDRAKHMAN‑KANTON”, is a Bashkir ethnic song, uzun‑kuy. The legend and variants of the song were written first by S.G. Rybakov in Orskiy Disctrisct (Yulukovo village, Sultan­ skiy gold mine, in the Rameyevy neighbourhood of Kuseyevo village, the summer pasture near the Kyltaban lake), and published...

ABDOULOV, Marcel Habibovich

ABDOULOV, Marcel Habibovich (8.5. 1930, Derevnya Kurancha of Ufimsky Canton of the BASSR – 23.11.2007, Ufa), Statesman. Merited Forester of the RSFSR (1978). Laureate of the USSR State Award (1991). Awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1966, 1976), Order of Peoples’ Friendship (1986),...


“A THIN ROPE”, is a mass ethnic dance of the Eastern Mari people. The dance appeared in times of paganism. It is considered to be a ritual dance. It is common for all Eastern Mari. It is a bright original dance with its own per­ forming style. People used to dance in bast shoes with small bells attached...


A COMPLEX OF KARST SWAMPS, a natural monument (2005). They are located in the basin of the Yuryuzan River, in the vicinity of Selo Ulkunda and Selo Mitrofanovka of Duvansky Raion. It includes more than 300 lowland swamps and lakes. Total area — 267.5 ha. Rare plant species grow here: marshberry, Eriophorum...

• Learning Bashkortostan folklore history

Folklore studies include three approaches: 1) to collect and systematize the works of ethnic art, 2) to process it scientifically and give back to its creator by publishing it, 3)scientific research on oral, song, musical (instrumental), choreographic, drama and other kinds of collective art works. The...

• Introduction

Folklore is a part of the spiritual heritage of humanity and a powerful means of cultural independency and integrity of different peoples. It is also a base to create and develop independent art, professional art and literature, formulate ethnic self-awareness. According to the definition of governmental...