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ORLOV, Viktor Semyonovich

ORLOV, Viktor Semyonovich [2.4.1929, Derevnya Aleksandrovka of Ufimsky Canton of the BASSR (now Karmaskalinsky Raion of the RB) – 22.9.2002, Ufa], Journalist. Merited Cultural Sector Professional of the RSFSR (1988) and BASSR (1979). Laureate of the Award named after Sh.Khudayberdin (1990). Awarded...


ORNAMENT, traditional pattern built on the alternation and combination of geometrical or figurative (plant, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic) elements. O. was widely used by Bashkirs in the decoration of yurts and other dwellings, Bashkir costume, traditional adornments, household implements, sacred objects,...


ORNAMENTAL STONES, rocks, minerals and mineral aggregates, having decorative, aesthetic and technological properties that determine their utilization in the manufacture of decorative and artistic items and jewelry. Some O.s. are also used as exclusive cladding stones, and vice versa (e.g. marmorized...


ORNAMENTATION is relatively short melodical combination of sounds to decorate the melody, make it more expressive, show the skills of a musician. O. includes melismas, tirades, passages, coloraturas, glosses, fiurituras, figurations. O. can be written in notes or marked by the signs of melismatics (forschlags,...


ORPHANAGES, educational institutions for orphans and children deprived of parental care. They specialize in providing emergency assistance to children, who find themselves in a hardship. In 2001, in the RB, there were 11 O., in 2006 — 35 O. (the maximum number in the RF), including 9 O. — in cities,...


ORTHODOXY, one of the main divisions of Christianity. Orthodoxy developed as an Eastern branch of Christianity after AD 395, when the Roman Empire split into Eastern and Western parts. Orthodoxy took shape as a creed after the division of the Christian Church into Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox,...


OUTSOURCING, procurement of external resources; transfer of normally non-core (secondary) processes and functions, imple- mented at the enterprise, to a third party specializing in them. The most common services are accounting, legal, household (cleaning of premises, security, building maintenance,...


OZNA, OAO (Oktyabrsky). Produces oil, gas and boiler equipment, including the facilities for measuring well production flow, reservoir pressure maintenance systems, oil treatment and pumping. Founded in 1953 as Oktyabrsky Repair Mechanical Plant, since 1983 after association with Nefteavtomatika Plant...