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RYABCHIKOV, Vasily Rodionovich

RYABCHIKOV, Vasily Rodionovich (6.8. 1904, Derevnya Kokoryovo of Smolensk Gub. – 1986, Moscow), Statesman. Laureate of the 2nd Class Stalin Award (1949). Awarded with the Order of Lenin (1945, 1959), Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1944, 1948, 1952, 1971). Graduated from the Moscow Gubkin Petroleum...

RYBAKOV Sergey Gavrilovich

RYBAKOV Sergey Gavrilovich (27.9.1867– 28.12.1921), ethnographer, folklorist. His research is devoted to the musical folklore of the peoples of the RSFSR and the problems of music education. During the ethnographic expeditions to the Ural-Volga region, he collected folk songs, tunes, proverbs, idioms,...


RYE, a plant genus of the Gramineae family. There are 4 species known (6—8, according to other data). Sowing R. and cultured R. (winter and spring forms) are being cultivated in the RB, mainly in pre‑Ural steppe zone, N, NE and S forest‑steppe zones. Sown in ordinary row and strip ways, the rate of...

RYKIN, Roman Vladimirovich

RYKIN, Roman Vladimirovich (b.11.10. 1974 in Ufa), Ballet Dancer. People’s Artist of the RB (1993). Graduated from the Ufa Choreographic School (1993). Since 1991, Soloist at the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Since 1994 he worked in the English National Ballet, since 1996 – in the San‑Francisco...

RYLENKO, Vladimir Danilovich

RYLENKO, Vladimir Danilovich (7.11.1927, Selo Novo‑Troitskoye of Sterlitamaksky Canton of the BASSR, now Fyodorovsky Raion of the RB, – 1.6.2015, Ufa), Statesman. Lieutenant General (1975). Merited Lawyer of the BASSR (1987). Awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1967, 1977), Order of...

RYZHOV, Alexey Andreyevich

RYZHOV, Alexey Andreyevich (b.10.7. 1931 in Selo Kavetka of Chishmy Raion of the BASSR), Mechanical Engineer. Merited Acad. of the AS RB (1995), Dr. of Engineering (1970). Merited Scientist and Engineer of the BASSR (1975), Merited Machine Builder of the RB (1995). Laureate of the State Award of the...