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HUNTING, a form of economic activity based on killing and trapping wild animals and birds. It is a traditional business for Bashkirs. Bashkirs H. system derives from the natural and climatic conditions, and economic traditions. There were active (chase, drive, battue, and hitting) and passive (use of...


HYDROCRACKING, catalytic processing of heavy petroleum fractions in conditions of high partial hydrogen pressure. The Ufa Oil Refinery named after the 22nd Congress of the CPSU started first in the country to employ hydrocracking for the vacuum gas oils treatment in the mid. 70s. The H. unit modernization...


HYDROTREATMENT, catalytic methods of removal of sulfur and nitrogen compounds, asphalt resin substances, etc., impairing the performance properties of fuels and oils, from petroleum products. The first domestic diesel fuel H. unit has been operated at the Ufa Oil Refinery since 1960; gasoline H. process...