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VAKHITOV, Shavali Mukhametovich

VAKHITOV, Shavali Mukhametovich [b.15.12.1932, Derevnya Yalchikayevo, Meleuzovsky Raion of the BASSR (Kuyurgazinsky Raion of the RB) — 20.12.2020, ibid.], Hero of Socialist Labour (1966). Merited Cattle­ Breeder of the BASSR (1973). Awarded with the Order of Lenin (1966, 1973), the Order of the October...

VAKHITOV, Shakir Kazykhanovich

VAKHITOV, Shakir Kazykhanovich (23.2.1925, Derevnya Staro­Karatavly of Myesyagutovsky Canton of the BASSR, now Selo Maloyaz of Salavatsky Raion of the RB, – 31.7.2004, Ufa), Lawyer. Candidate of Juridical Sciences (1970), Full Professor (1987). Merited Lawyer of the RSFSR (1982). Awarded with the 2nd...

VAKHITOV Yangali Arslanovich

VAKHITOV Yangali Arslanovich (5.10. 1932–3.10.2003), dancer. V.’s characteristic and ceremonial folk dances were known for romanticism, conciseness, and special internal expression. Emotionality and clarity of the rhythms made the V.’s performance of dance “Baik” stand out. Author of more than 10 dances...

VAGAPOV, Sabir Akhmedyanovich

VAGAPOV, Sabir Akhmedyanovich [10.5. 1904, Derevnya Duvan­-Mechetlino   of Zlatoustovsky Uyezd of Ufa Gub. (now Mechetlinsky Raion of the RB) – 7.8.1992, Ufa], Communist Party Activist. Awarded with the Order of Lenin (1943, 1944, 1948, 1949), Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1972), Order of the Red...

VAGANOV, Gennady Viktorovich

VAGANOV, Gennady Viktorovich (b.25.11.1936 in Selo Duvan of Duvansky Raion of the BASSR), Athlete. Merited Master of Sports (cross­country skiing) of the USSR (1960), Merited Cross­-Country Skiing Coach, Russia (1993). Distinguished Athlete of the RB (1994). Awarded with the Order of the Badge of Honour...


VACUUM ION PLASMA TECHNOLOGIES, a combination of vacuum methods based on the use of ion beams and plasma streams of different density and energy for surface treatment of metal, glass, plastic, and other parts. These technologies are used to change the chemical composition of the surface layer (ion nitriding,...


V.I.LENIN STERLITAMAK REPUBLICAN BOARDING LYCEUM NO.2. Educational and fostering institution, which was founded in Ufa in 1919. Since 1924, it has been named in honour of V.I.Lenin. Since 1930, it has been transferred to Sterlitamak; since 1938 — an orphanage, since 1969 — boarding school No.2, since...