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VOCAL MUSIC, the music intended for singing. In the Bashkir folk music, the genres of V.m. are represented by bait, kyska­-kyuy, kubair, munazhat, senlyau, takmak, uzun­-kyuy, khalmak­-kyuy, etc. In the creative work of the composers of Bashkortostan, the genres of V.m. are mainly represented by adaptations...


VOIVOD’S GOVERNMENT, the Russia’s system of local government in uyezds (city or uyezd local government; mid. 16th century – 1708) and provinces (provincial local government; 1719–75). In Bashkortostan, V.g. was introduced with the foundation of Ufa and the formation of Ufa Uyezd. It reported to both...


VOLOST, an administrative and territory unit in Russia between 11th — early 20th centuries. This term refers to a form of the rural population’s self­organization. On the territory of the historical territory of Bashkortostan V. began to form after the accession of Bashkortostan to Russia. V. were...

VOROBYOV, Viktor Vasilyevich

VOROBYOV, Viktor Vasilyevich (25.6. 1939, Pavlovsky Posad — 9.10.1991, Ufa), Mining Geological Engineer. Merited Geologist of the RSFSR (1990). Laureate of the USSR State Award (1980). Awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1971). After graduating from the North­ Caucasian Institute of...

VOROBYOV, Vladimir Ivanovich

VOROBYOV, Vladimir Ivanovich (b.28.9. 1946 in Ust-Katav), Coach. Merited Coach of the USSR (1991) and RSFSR (1985), Master of Sports (ice hockey) (1974), Merited Physical Culture Professional of the RB (1998). Between 1976–92 and 2015–16 Chief Coach of the Salavat Yulayev Specialist Children and Youth...


VOSKHOD (Sunrise), Recreation Center, LLC. Located in the Ufimsky Raion, on the bank of the Dema River, 20 km SW of Ufa. Opened in 1981 as an all­Russia resort and was a part of ZAO Bashtur. Has its present status since 2002. It has a three­storey building with three/four bed rooms with all amenities,...

VUKOLOV-ERLIK (Vukolov) Filip Nikolayevich

VUKOLOV-ERLIK (Vukolov) Filip Nikolayevich (18.11.1904–28.7.1979), writer, folk­lorist. V.–E. collected more than 400 Chuvash folk songs, proverbs and sayings, recorded the beyet “Kazan Besieged”, included in the scien­ tific code “Chuvash Folk Art”. In 1949–48, 1960–63, he went to the Bizhbulyaksky...